Silver repoussage workshop Italy/ final week

I am finally ready to add the pics for the silver repoussage portion of the workshop in Italy.  We had a busy second half of the 10-day workshop in Italy and returned home to a busy schedule.  To recap, after the visit to Giusto Manetti Battiloro in Florence and the last day of iconography which culminated in the Cooks and Butchers fair in Greve, we began the silver portion of the class.  We had 5 full days of work and the last day we welcomed the local priest from the Church of the Elevation of the Cross who was invited by our host Gianpaolo Lensi to come to our class and say a prayer with us. We also were interviewed by the Tuscan television station who came to Terre di Baccio to do a local cultural interest piece about the activities taking place at agricultural Estate of Terre di Baccio.  The youtube link for the interview is attached at the end of this blog.

Lee Ann just traced the design on her silver sheet.


Our repousse class began with a practice session for all the different techniques on a sheet of copper.  Then, we began to trace the drawing of our design on the silver sheet.








Valerie, Connie and Kay pushing the silver.


Then began the long process of pushing the silver from the back with a variety of tools  0ver a soft surface and then retracing the drawing from the front to define the edges once more over a hard surface.  It takes a while…








Kimi and Jo working on their silver tips for their crosses.


Jo is finishing the repousse work and Kimi the fastest student in the class, has already filled the back of the silver work before applying the patina.








Maga working and in the foreground my silver already filled in from the back–almost done!




Maga is working on a student’s piece which had some mistakes and on the foreground of the picture you see the semi-precious stones and the filled backs of the tips for my cross.  In the mid-ground you see the bunch of tools I was using to work on my silver tips.













These are several students’ silver tips with patina.  Once applied it has to be left to develop into a deep black color.  Then it is cleaned off before polishing.






Karin starting to remove some of the patina and polishing the silver.













Linda polishing away.










Kay removing patina.












Fitting the silver unto the tip of the cross. Finding the edges before cutting the silver.











Flattening the outside of the design up to the edges of the cross.



The silver has to be fitted exactly to each budded end of the cross.The edges of the silver are flattened so it will be easier to glue and nail onto the cross.







Making holes for the nails.









Nailing the silver.












Trimming the excess silver.










Voila! Silver fitted, trimmed and nailed to the cross. Final step is the jewels. I will post a pic of my finished piece after I varnish the cross.


Watch our tv interview on Toscana TV by clicking on this youtube link:

Our student and host at Terre di Baccio, Ilaria Lensi, kindly introduced us during the interview and gave a little more info at the end our our segment.  The latter part of the video is an interview with her father Gianpaolo who talks about the Estate of Terre di Baccio, their agricultural endeavors and the remodeling of the old Casale and preservation of the wine cellar.  They did a beautiful job restoring the old buildings and creating a wonderful place to enjoy the gorgeous Chianti region.





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