Work in the studio and lunch outdoors.

Today is the 4th day of class and tomorrow we will finish the icon.   It was such a beautiful day, Gianpaolo set our lunch table outdoors.  Tomorrow we hope to finish the icon in the morning and then go into the piazza in Greve for a fair and a look at a classics bicycle race that will go through town in the afternoon.

These are some of the pictures of the day, working at the studio, a view from the coffee stand outside the studio, and our beautiful lunch table outdoors.

Students working in the studio










More students working on the last floats on the icon.










Gianpaolo set our table outdoors today to take advantage of the cool

weather and the gorgeous clear day.   We had a lunch of handpicked

mushrooms from the forest with onions and  polenta and some vegetables with the

olives from the trees at Greve.  It was a delicious lunch!

Our lunch table this Saturday.

View from the studio this morning.

Quatrro fratelli

In this picture of the Quattro Fratelli are Gianpaolo, my brother Gonzalo, Gianpaolo’s brother Ermanno, and Irene.  Ermanno came to visit with his wife Anna.  An my brother who was supposed to fly out today was not able so he returned to Greve and we  had a  sort of fratelli reunion.

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