Italy project.

Tere di Baccio iconography and repoussage project.



After the Italy icon and silver repoussage workshop at Terre di Baccio, I returned to Austin and had to wait a few weeks before varnishing the cross.  Once varnished, I was able to fit, glue, nail and cut the silver into place at each of the budded ends to the cross. The semi-precious stones were glued after nailing the silver into place.

This is a temporary photograph taken with my iPhone on one of my studio table.  I will  have it professionally photographed and will insert the picture later.  It was a very satisfying project to finish and it looks absolutely beautiful.  It is a fairly large cross measuring 22 1/2 X 17 1/2 in.

For next year’s class at Terre di Baccio, we are planning a travel-size triptych with silver covered doors.  It will be another spectacular project to make.  More details about next year’s workshop will be coming soon!

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