Cooks and butchers’ fair on Sunday at the piazza in Greve.

On Sunday October 8th, our iconography group took a late lunch to finish our icons and then go to the piazza in Greve to the Cooks and Butchers’ fair.   We were delighted to find several tents spread out on the piazza.  One of them selling tickets for the meal which included a plate of a variety of delicious grilled ribs, chops and sausages, white beans, bread, a glass of Chianti from the region and a bottle of water.  In addition, there were a variety of vintage cars parked all along the piazza.  It was a beautiful afternoon and a relaxing reward for a hard week’s work.

Later that afternoon there was a parade with standard bearers, drummers, flag holders and a lot of people dressed in Renaissance style.  Pics follow.

Standard bearer and other men in Renaissance garb.

Gonzalo, Maga and Pat

Flag throwing during the festival.

Women in the parade at the festival.

part of our group at the festival.

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