Group welcome at Terre di Baccio

Last night we had a beautiful and warm welcome hosted by Gianpaolo and Ilaria Vestrini at the 11th cty. wine cellar of Terre di Baccio.

All our iconography friends arrived yesterday and sampled some of the wines from the Terre di Baccio vineyard and an array of hors d’ouvres.

Reception in the cellar at Terre di Baccio.


Pam, Pat and Lynda

hors d’ouvres


Our first meal in the main square in Greve.

During our first afternoon in Greve, we had a wonderful meal at the Greve square with my brother Gonzalo who came to join us for the iconography workshop and my friend Maga who is doing the workshop with me in Greve.


And today we welcomed our first workshop participant, Pat Mitchell whom we hosted at our apartment for a cup of tea with biscotti and later

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Just arrived at Terre di Baccio!

At CDG in Paris about to board the plane to Florence.

Maga and I are about to board the plane from CDG Paris to Florence.  We have just arrived at Terre di Baccio after a late but much needed and delicious lunch at the Greve town square.

My brother Gonzalo was very nice to pick us up a the airport and take us on some errands.

We are looking forward to the arrival of our iconography workshop attendees on Monday.   We received a warm welcome by Ilaria and Gianpaolo Vestrini.  Here are some more pictures of Terre di Baccio, the scenery and our beautiful apartment.

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Antiochian Village Residency


During the last night of our residency at the Antiochian Village for the St. Stephens Course in Iconology, we host a studio tour so all the other students at the residency can view the work we did during our nine days of residency.

This is the icon I worked on while at the Village. The Iconology teacher has each student pick a detail of an icon to paint on a masonite panel with gold foil and acrylic paints.  This was actually the first time I have ever painted with acrylic paints.  We had a hectic schedule, short studio time and a very busy teacher who was stretched thin with eight students at all levels.

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Terre di Baccio Farm Estate!

Irene, her brother and friends will stay at this beautiful estate with restored historic farm houses and beautifully decorated rooms with Guatemalan fabrics and tiles. They are planning to paint and practice silver repoussage for 10 days and tour the Giusto Manetti gold leaf factory which is almost 200 years old, as well as, visit the interesting icon collection housed at the Galleria dell’Accademia.

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