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Announcing the new 2016 Fall / Winter schedule of iconography workshops for the upcoming months.  There will be four workshops in the following cities:  Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas, as well as in Springdale, Arkansas.  You can check out the full schedule, registration and other details at http://www.iconarts.com/iconography-workshops/

If you have any questions please send an email to Irene at irene@iconarts.com

King of Glory

King of Glory

Byzantine Art exhibit at the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

I happened to be in D.C. over Christmas break and stumbled upon a new Byzantine Art exhibit at the National Gallery of Art!  It was a small exhibit but with very fine examples of Byzantine Art from different periods of the Byzantine Empire.  They had marbles, illuminated manuscripts, icons, mosaics, frescoes, jewelry and more.  It was fantastic!  I loved most a manuscript scroll with the priest’s prayers for the Liturgy of St. Basil. It was unrolled to the very beginning and had a most beautiful illumination.  I wish I had had more time to admire it.  I also saw one of my favorite icons which they call “Man of Sorrows” from the 12th century.  It is really “Extreme Humility” and it was one of the icons I selected to write during the workshop I organized for the Prosopon School in Austin a couple of years ago.  It was a most powerful icon to write and I was so happy to have been able to see the original in person.  It was part of a double sided icon with the Theotokos Odigitria on the obverse with a surprisingly sad furrowed-brow expression, and the Christ on the other.  As a set, her expression makes sense as the lifeless body of Christ is on the reverse.  The images below are of an informational plaque about the exhibit upon entering, and the icon I wrote of the Extreme Humility after the original in this exhibit. The link for the exhibit is: http://www.nga.gov/content/ngaweb/features/byzantine.html

IMG_1788Extreme Humility 2011

Italy project.

Tere di Baccio iconography and repoussage project.



After the Italy icon and silver repoussage workshop at Terre di Baccio, I returned to Austin and had to wait a few weeks before varnishing the cross.  Once varnished, I was able to fit, glue, nail and cut the silver into place at each of the budded ends to the cross. The semi-precious stones were glued after nailing the silver into place.

This is a temporary photograph taken with my iPhone on one of my studio table.  I will  have it professionally photographed and will insert the picture later.  It was a very satisfying project to finish and it looks absolutely beautiful.  It is a fairly large cross measuring 22 1/2 X 17 1/2 in.

For next year’s class at Terre di Baccio, we are planning a travel-size triptych with silver covered doors.  It will be another spectacular project to make.  More details about next year’s workshop will be coming soon!

Silver repoussage workshop Italy/ final week

I am finally ready to add the pics for the silver repoussage portion of the workshop in Italy.  We had a busy second half of the 10-day workshop in Italy and returned home to a busy schedule.  To recap, after the visit to Giusto Manetti Battiloro in Florence and the last day of iconography which culminated in the Cooks and Butchers fair in Greve, we began the silver portion of the class.  We had 5 full days of work and the last day we welcomed the local priest from the Church of the Elevation of the Cross who was invited by our host Gianpaolo Lensi to come to our class and say a prayer with us. We also were interviewed by the Tuscan television station who came to Terre di Baccio to do a local cultural interest piece about the activities taking place at agricultural Estate of Terre di Baccio.  The youtube link for the interview is attached at the end of this blog.

Lee Ann just traced the design on her silver sheet.


Our repousse class began with a practice session for all the different techniques on a sheet of copper.  Then, we began to trace the drawing of our design on the silver sheet.








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Cooks and butchers’ fair on Sunday at the piazza in Greve.

On Sunday October 8th, our iconography group took a late lunch to finish our icons and then go to the piazza in Greve to the Cooks and Butchers’ fair.   We were delighted to find several tents spread out on the piazza.  One of them selling tickets for the meal which included a plate of a variety of delicious grilled ribs, chops and sausages, white beans, bread, a glass of Chianti from the region and a bottle of water.  In addition, there were a variety of vintage cars parked all along the piazza.  It was a beautiful afternoon and a relaxing reward for a hard week’s work.

Later that afternoon there was a parade with standard bearers, drummers, flag holders and a lot of people dressed in Renaissance style.  Pics follow.

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