Antiochian Village Residency


During the last night of our residency at the Antiochian Village for the St. Stephens Course in Iconology, we host a studio tour so all the other students at the residency can view the work we did during our nine days of residency.

This is the icon I worked on while at the Village. The Iconology teacher has each student pick a detail of an icon to paint on a masonite panel with gold foil and acrylic paints.  This was actually the first time I have ever painted with acrylic paints.  We had a hectic schedule, short studio time and a very busy teacher who was stretched thin with eight students at all levels.

The following pictures are of some of my classmates and some of the visitors to the studio.

Beth and I discussing the next step.

Dr. Kris Kennedy, 1st year student and excellent Chiropractor who got everyone straightened out!

Pelagia, first year student from Taiwan. One of those positive souls who after the teacher remarked something (a drawing) was horrible, she said, “but horrible is good!” It reminded me of a t-shirt I have that says, “Glass half-full.”

Beth and I priming the panels after the cloth was glued on them.

Joulia Vitaliy making a draft for her large icon.

Painting St. Peter

Visitors to the studio

Iconology students past and present with teacher Nicolae and our favorite visitor Fr. Bitar.

Ioulia, 3rd year student with teacher Nicolae and Ioanna the assistant

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